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The new movie is coming today, we are sorry for the delay but Odd's internet is sucky but, we are finally finished! :D

And here is part 1 and part 2 so hope you get stoked! :D
Part 1 :)
Part 2 




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Yes we finished the trailer one day before so we thought we should just upload it and hoping for nice comments.
And now we just need to get done with the movie it self. So watch and enjoy!




Today me and Odd has worked on the trailer and movie, its not yet finished but we are thinking of releasing the trailer at the friday 25.03.11 and the movie is releasing 05.04.11  so look forward to that!
The thing we just did today was deciding which and who was going to make the promoe of each person.


 We also had a ski day with our school, had a lot of fun like on this picture Kristian fell on a weird way. You are going to see how he fell on "Get Stoked"
And we got a lot of good filming that day also remember to head over to the picture site some new pictures from Kristian's Go Pro !

- Benjamin

Today it is a really sunny and hot weather at Stranda we are hoping that it holds to wednesday. 

You may ask what is happening on wednesday, yes we are going to Strandafjellet (Stranda Mountain?) with our school! so we bring our camera's and make something out of it :D


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Sry for the long wait of something new to post. Benjamin just made an edit with some of the clips we got from 2 weeks ago. The rider in the small edit was Per Johan Tronsen. And the filmer was Odd and Benjamin.

And many may ask of the song i used in the edit.
Scarface with Jay-z, Beanie Sigel, and Kanye West - Guess Who's Back Instrumental

- Benjamin


Me and Benjamin had some nice days in Strandafjellet this February month.
At the beginning of the month, Benjamin had an accident and he destroyed the camera tripod. And the best with it was that we got it on film. And they will be involved in the film "Get Stoked".
few weeks after we received a question about making a commercial movie, so we shall create commercials film soon. 
But the boys (Kristian Wågsæther, Jakob Lersveen Pedersen and Per Johan Tronsen) has been pretty good this month. they have made some sick tricks. So the new movie "Get Stoked" have some film now.